Tomodachi Life Wiki Rules

Please Note that rules can be changed without any warning and remember Rules Are Rules! We recommend if you are new to wikia to please read our rules down below.


At Tomodachi Life Wiki we have zero tolerance of users being underaged due to not only wikia wide rule but online wide rule due to COPPA of 1998 and if you are caught being underaged you will be banned until you turn 13. Read COPPA rules here:


Spam is considered when you repeat words over and over again and asking the same question repeatedly and also just harassing people this will get you kicked in the chat and banned if repeated.

Caps Rule:Please do not abuse Caps because it is considered spam and you will get kicked and over abuse could lead you to a short term ban but we do not have a problem unlike many wikis with Caps.


NSFW content is prohibited and will not be tolerated under any circumstances this means prongrapic bloddy gore and please try to keep at PG-13.